Q01. Are credit card payments secure?

We guarantee the security of your credit card details by using 256-bit encryption technology and highly secure network equipment.

Q02.  How much does it cost to become a member?

It costs nothing to join, and you will be able to enjoy inclusive member rights such as online booking, promotions, and an e-newsletter.

Q03. How do I know if the host has rooms available?

When browsing AsiaYo, you will notice a Book button under the description of the room. This means the host has vacancies according to your search preferences.
When you click Book, a booking request will be submitted and you will receive an AsiaYo system-generated email with your booking number and details to the e-mail account you registered with. If the host accept your request, AsiaYo will then send a Booking Success Letter with important details such as host contact information, reservation details, billing information and online booking rules. Please check your email trash and junk mail folders to ensure that no messages have gone to junk mail.

Q04. I have completed sending the booking request (including fill in guest information and credit card information). What do I do now?

For property that is Instant Booking, you can complete order instantly. No host approval required. For property that is Request to Book, upon receipt of your booking confirmation and credit card details, AsiaYo will send a system-generated email to the e-mail account you registered. And the host will reply you in 24 hours. If the host accept the booking, AsiaYo will send you a Booking Success Letter, containing important details such as host contact information, reservation details and online booking rules.
Guests who wish to cancel a booking may go to AsiaYo -> Member Login -> My Bookings to view their booking receipt or cancel their reservation. AsiaYo will refund for guests in accordance with the cancellation policy selected by the Host.

Q05. Does the prices on AsiaYo include all fees?

For details of total room rate (including agreed room rate, extra fees such as food and drink/extra beds/connections, etc.) and credit card payment method as set out in the contract, please see guest booking contract .(The price shows in “Pay in ” might be different from other pages due to the Immediate updating. Please treat the price in the “Pay in” column on the check page as the correct price.)

Q06.  How can I change or cancel a booking?

If you need to make changes to the order, you must cancel the order first then have the new reservation. Please notice that canceled the order may generate a fee and a new order will follow the policy of the new order including the pricing, room status, and cancellation. Please recheck the cancellation policy of the room from your new orders.
If you wish to cancel a reservation, the confirmation email you received will be attached with the link to the member page where you can cancel or print your order details. All the refunds incur due to cancellation of reservation or early checkouts that are compliant with the policy will be refunded by the original payment method.

Q07. After my booking is confirmed, how do I get my tax invoice/receipt?

Once your booking is confirmed and you have made your credit card payment, AsiaYo will send you a Booking Success Letter for check-in voucher. It is the host will provide a receipt or invoice upon guest check-out, and it will be noted in the Check-in Rules.

Q08. How do I ensure that the room I book is the same as the one on the website?

All rooms listed on AsiaYo must meet a minimum level of safety, functionality and cleanliness. AsiaYo states that hosts have an obligation and responsibility to ensure that their rooms and properties match the description on our website, and that they provide the agreed upon services. For details go to host rights and obligations. We recommend that guests check host ratings.
AsiaYo does not warrant that all the information posted on this website is correct. By using this website, you understand that the information about home-stay, apartments and all types of accommodations posted on this website, as well as all other information including travel services, may be inaccurate. All bookings for travel services you make on this website are done with the host, not with AsiaYo. For details please see our Terms of Service.

Q09. What should I do if I encounter problems upon arrival?

If there are problems with the room or the environment, this falls under the responsibility of the service provider (proprietors, hosts). Please contact the service provider for assistance.
For help resolving a problem, please contact AsiaYo at customer@asiayo.com , or call our service hotline at +886-2-7755-0575.

Q10. What documentation should I provide during check-in?

Please provide the following documentation when checking in for verification purposes:
1) Original copy of ID (or passport) of the person who made the booking.
2) Your booking confirmation slip (Email version or print out).

Q11. About promotion code

What is promotion code?
Promotion codes are used by AsiaYo to offer promotional discounts. Members can use them when booking rooms on AsiaYo within the validity period.

Promotion code instructions
Every promotion code can be used only once.
The discount of promotion code will differ according to the promotional activity, and may only be used when total room fees exceed a set amount.
A transaction can only used one code.

When booking please choose 'Enter the code under' the Promotion Code. After ticking and applying the promotional discount, the system will automatically generate your discount.

Where can I check my promotion code?
Most promotion code are sent by E-mail. Please log in with the email account to use the discounts.

If I cancel the booking, can I use the promotion code in the future?
If you cancel a booking , any related promotion codes will be void. (Except for force majeure or other causes not attributable to both parties, or school/work being cancelled due to natural disasters affecting guests or proprietors unable to render services)

Q12. Does AsiaYo support UnionPay card?

Currently, we don’t support UnionPay. If you have a question for UnionPay, please contact our customer service for support.

Q13. When will I get my refund?

For refunds due to cancellations or early checkouts will refund your original payment method (including credit card, ATM transfer and digital wallets) as long as the refund policy are complied with. Please allow a few business days after we receive the item to process your return and credit your payment.
Once we send it, the refund is on its way, and your payment provider will have the most up-to-date info about when funds will arrive.
Refund timeline to credit cards depends on the progress of individual credit card companies in their account settlement, which would take about 3 to 14 working days.
ATM refund would take about 3 to 5 working days.
The refunds of e-wallets, digital wallets, or the other payment system will base on the service provider.